“With amazing creativity, we can design our lives and become the driver of our destiny. No matter what difficulties we may find ourselves in, we can change them and create them anew according to our choice.”

Our children are our true wealth, our future, and the ones who hold the key to our heart and to our hopes. Our young population is, however, not in its best shape.There are things that we can change as parents, schools, and society. The big thing that needs to change is our attitude and awareness.We can then take small but significant steps towards ensuring a better future for our children, one that is filled with health and joy.

A better today is the only way to have a better future.Here are the some things we can adopt as a family/society to protect the interests of our future generations:

– Parents Say “No”
– Move your body
– Gender equality

1.Parents Say “No”
The next time your kids pull out their pester power over an iPad, a box of chips, cola or chocolate, say a firm “No”.It is, as the study reveals, the only way to protect your children from developing cardio-metabolic syndrome in the future. That includes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, etc.

2. Move your body
Daily few routines will make a huge difference in kids. Walk instead of taking the car even small routine.In winter inside the home ,I encourage my kids to do rope skipping and Surya Namaskar as soon as they get out from the bed. It is very easy to say all these but following the routine is the toughest part. At least few days a week following the routine makes a big difference.

3. Gender Equality

Small chores like unloading the dishwasher and loading the dryer will make the difference. Doing chores is not always women work .10 mins getting help from kids makes a lot of difference.A very well satisfied end of the day to moms and a kudos to the kid ..!! After all, kids are mommies pets ..!! You can make it happen .

Here is the picture of my son doing the sirshaasan !! He enjoys the most doing yoga every day. Incorporating into the daily routine is very easy for him. For my younger son, he is so different; he does not enjoy that much to do these, As a mom I want him to give the healthy lifestyle that’s the best gift any parent can give to their kids. I and my husband always try to keep reminding him that how important living healthy lifestyle matters. Constant remainders sometimes work. Try these tips…!!   More to come ..!!!follow my blog ..!