Introduction To Green Juice



  • Fats, carbs, proteins only used by food industry to make heroes and villains, then sell detoxes, and then make new heroes and villains next season. There is so much more to food, the emotions, the memories, the nourishment and happiness it gives.For every food that is advertised, there are many better alternatives available at home. Just seek them out.
  • Food science is far behind the wisdom gained over generations. Wisdom that is finely tuned to you and has your well-being at its core. Acknowledge the scientific research done over centuries, in real-world conditions, to bring together a wholesome meal.
  • Get as many natural and organic as much possible .
  • Give yourself a break with a smoothie at least once a day either for Breakfast or Dinner. This is very Simple Juice with just few ingredients


                                      3 Celery Sticks
                                       1 Cucumber
                                       Pinch of Ginger
                                       1 Lemon
                                       1/4 tbsp Pepper
                                       1/2 tbsp Salt

This is a great start for Green juice before introducing too many greens to the Juices.

Twist: For kids, I just added apple along with Celery and cucumber. Introducing healthy foods at the younger age is very important to have a good lifestyle . We cant expect to change in a day. Start somewhere to see the results which are worth a ton..!!