Sweet Home

Hello, My lovely people. Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year.This is my first post on home decor, Brass being the new favorite across now, I collected few of them while exploring my new house decor.Look at the serenity you get when you see the picture of Buddha. I bought most of them you see in the picture from cost world plus except Silver “AUM” idols are from mom; she gifted me when I visited her India last year.
Home is one of the beautiful places where one should feel happy when you are in.With that said, just want to explain in brief the greatness of “AUM.”It’s a magical experience to feel the vibrations of the entire room in the middle of your chest.I kept these pictures in my prayer room. Even few mins sitting in that room feel very peaceful and always get a nice feeling.

What Makes Om Sacred?
What’s This “AUM” I Keep Seeing?
A (ahh): the waking state.
U (ooh): the dream state.
M (mmm): the state of deep sleep.

Decor you prayer room or meditation room with some positivity around. You can feel the vibrations .Spread love ,love ,positive thoughts

Have a great rest of the year…Talk to you soon….!!